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What is the food chain for a panda
I presume you mean the Giant Panda. The giant panda is at the top of the food chain - it has few preditors. The giant panda's diet is very unusual. It has the .

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What is a giant pandas food chain
on a food chain giant pandas are located in the primary comsumer part of the food chain: the panda feeds on plant mostly and plants are known as producers .

What Is The Food Web For Th Giant Panda?
The giant panda's food web is not on any sites but i have a pretty good idea that for the 1st level consumer "Plants" you can out Bamboo obviously and grass .

Food Chains for Giant Pandas |
Food Chains for Giant Pandas. Also known as da xiong mao, or "giant bear-cat," the giant panda is an endangered species of bear found only in select mountain .

Giant Pandas: The Science of Finding Food - Fairfax County Public ...
Aug 26, 2011 . Pandas The Giant Panda: The Science of Finding Food web site is a companion to the video Giant Pandas: The Science of Finding Food, .

Giant panda - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The giant panda's thick, wooly coat keeps it warm in the cool forests of its habitat. . six months, though mother's milk remains the primary food source for most of the first . Archived from the original on 4 May 2008. .

Ailuropoda melanoleuca - Animal Diversity Web - University of ...
giant panda. Ailuropoda melanoleuca, giant panda. Ailuropoda melanoleuca, giant panda. Ailuropoda melanoleuca. giant panda. Ailuropoda melanoleuca .


School mission (as provided by the school):

BBC Nature - Giant panda videos, news and facts
The giant panda is a rare, endangered and elusive bear, making the videos of a . Giant pandas are famous for their love of bamboo, a diet so nutritionally poor that the pandas . Additional data source: Animal Diversity Web . LEARNING ZONE BROADBAND · Food chains and food webs · LEARNING ZONE BROADBAND .

Bear Species @ Great Bear Foundation
The number of giant pandas living in the wild is uncertain, but estimates range . that polar bears were suffering due to high levels of toxins in the food chain, .

Panda Bears
Adult giant pandas range in body length from about 160 to 190 centimeters (64 to 76 inches). . Require dense bamboo stands for food and cover. . Most of the bears that remain in the wild live in a chain of fourteen reserves that were .

Giant Panda
About 99% of the Giant Panda's food is bamboo, though it also eats grass, roots, plants and even meat. Bamboo is actually a type of grass that grows as tall as .


Frequently Asked Questions about Giant Pandas - National Zoo| FONZ
Frequently Asked Questions about giant pandas at the National Zoo. . to explore other places on the web with information on giant pandas. . They are each being fed more than 50 pounds of bamboo a day—about ten times more food than .


Should pandas be left to face extinction? | Environment | The Guardian
Sep 23, 2009 . You are reading this because it is about giant pandas. . better to go for something further up the food chain, because then by definition you are .

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Learning and Scholarship

Panda: Bears: Animal Planet
Apr 22, 2008 . Giant pandas are losing their homes and food supply. That's why these animals are endangered. There are probably fewer than 1000 left in the .

Discovery and Innovation

Where do Giant Pandas Live in China? -
Giant pandas habitat is in the western mountainous part of China within the forests of bamboo. They used to be found . Giant Panda Food Chain · Giant Panda .

Health and Care of Mind, Body and Community

How Long do Giant Pandas Live? -
Giant pandas have a better chance living in a zoo than in the wild. Pandas in the wild don't . What Is the Life Cycle of Giant Pandas . Giant Panda Food Chain .

Diversity, Respect and Inclusiveness

Giant Panda - The Giants of the Bamboo forest
Computer statistics predicted the extinction of giant panda would happen within the next few decades. Attempts and studies were made to save the giant pandas .

Citizenship and Leadership

Where is the giant panda in the food web
What is a giant pandas food web? it eats bamboo. Where is the giant panda in a food web? i don't think pandas get they? Is there a picture of the .

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School type public, coed college
Year founded 1912
Religious affiliation N/A
Academic calendar semester
Setting urban
2010 Endowment $243,193,061

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Giant Pandas Questions including "Do giant pandas have tails"
Giant Pandas Questions including "Do giant pandas have tails" and "What are some adaptations a Giant . Why are birds of prey at the top of the food chain?

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Selectivity selective
Fall 2010 acceptance rate 60%
Application deadline rolling
SAT/ACT scores must be received by July 22

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Animal Info - Red Panda
Apr 17, 2006 . The red panda (which is much smaller than the giant panda) resembles a raccoon . Red pandas are solitary, except for the mating period and the time when a . The red panda's digestive efficiency is similar to the giant panda's at 24% dry matter, necessitating daily food . Intl., Czech Web Site , Fox et al.

Infrared cameras photograph wild giant pandas was eating ...
Dec 29, 2011. of the wild giant pandas eating a wildebeest carcasses.,China Now. . in order to understand the integrity of a small food chain, they captured .

Class sizes
Class sizes
Student-faculty ratio 19:1
4-year graduation rate 15% - Low
Five most popular majors for 2010 graduates
Business Administration and Management, General 19%
Registered Nursing/Registered Nurse 11%
Psychology, General 8%
Biology/Biological Sciences, General 7%
Speech Communication and Rhetoric 7%

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What do Giant Pandas Eat | Ask Kids Answers
Giant pandas eat bamboo. Apart from the . Giant Pandas are omnivores and can eat all types of plants and animals. They spend . Giant Panda Food Chain .

Total enrollment 24,108
Student gender distribution
Student gender distribution
Undergraduate men who are members of a fraternity
Undergraduate men who are members of a fraternity
Undergraduate women who are members of a sorority
Undergraduate women who are members of a sorority
Collegiate athletic association N/A

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Red panda - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Like the giant panda, it has a “false thumb” that is an extension of the wrist bone. . Red pandas may alternately either use their forepaw to bring food to their . of the Class Mammalia, from the Himalaya Chain of Hills Between Nepaul and .

Giant panda: habitats, life cycles, food chains, threats - Malcolm ...
Describes the habits and behavior of giant pandas at different stages of their . that at times overshadow its main focus, and the discussion of the food chain is .

Students who have cars on campus N/A
Health insurance offered Yes
Students required to own/lease a computer No

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Welcome to Pandas International, for the Research and ...
The Giant Pandas in China are in need of bamboo. Bamboo is the main food source of the Giant Panda and is extremely important for both captive and wild .

How do giant pandas affect the ecosystem? | Answerbag
In addition to giant pandas, rare crested ibis and golden monkeys . While pandas have minimal impact on the food chain as predators, snow .

In-state tuition and fees $7,834 (2011-12)
Out-of-state tuition and fees $20,570 (2011-12)
Room and board $10,090 (2011-12) - Medium
Financial aid statistics
Financial aid statistics

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How Do Giant Pandas Survive on Bamboo Diets?
Oct 17, 2011 . What's more, when the giant panda's genome was sequenced in 2009, . Find out how to stay healthy and eat lower on the food chain.

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Giant pandas 'need old-growth forests' -
Jan 12, 2011. genes explain bamboo diet China's endangered giant pandas thrive . because of depency on the food chain will disappear before smaller .

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Pandas in popular culture | Category Demo
Panda Express is the name of an American fast food chain which serves . of Ron Burgundy the news team follow the story of a giant panda's pregnancy.

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Giant pandas 'need old-growth forests' -
Jan 12, 2011. genes explain bamboo diet China's endangered giant pandas thrive . because of depency on the food chain will disappear before smaller .

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